We help you prioritize which Young Living products to use based on your personal genetic profile.

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The Essential Genome Report

Choosing which Young Living products to use can be overwhelming.

The Essential Genome Report helps you to prioritize which products are best for you based on your unique genetic profile.

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The Essential Genome Report
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The Essential Genome Report is the Original genetics report developed specifically for users of Young Living oils and supplements.

Your Report will help you better understand how your personal genetics are affecting your wellness and how to utilize the YL catalog of products to support you in 16 key biological systems.

Report Cover
Genetics Education
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Your Report begins with a brief explanation of human genetics and an overview of the ways DNA controls your body.

The Essential Genome website includes significantly more genetics education—specifically relating to the Report—if you want to become an expert!

Sleep Score
Covered Systems
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The Report covers a wide range of biological systems from Sleep to Fertility and from Skin Aging to Emotional Control.

Section Scores
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Each of the 16 biological systems includes a raw score. This score is an indication of how much your genetics may be affecting that particular section.

Each section also includes a Quintile Rank to help you understand how your score compares to what we would expect to see in an "average" person.

Sleep Score
Supporting Products
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Sections also include a short list of supporting oils and supplements that can be used to support the section.

Although the recommended products are generalized, they are an excellent place to begin when you are focusing on an area.

Product Recommendations
Create Custom
YL Oil Blends
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The Physiological, Emotional, and Skin Wellness sections also include a personal blend formula.

You can use the Blend Formula to focus on multiple systems at once using Young Living oils that are beneficial to supporting the related systems.

Oil Blend
Gene Listing
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Each collection of sections also includes a listing of the genes that we analyzed and scored for that system.

If you are interested in researching more about genetics, you can use the gene listing as a place to get started learning about each section.

Genes Analyzed
Product Map
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Finally, your Report also includes complete and current directory of Young Living Products and the areas of the Report they support.

This is a great way to learn about new products and find new ways to support your wellness in each section.

Product Map
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Your DNA Is Completely Unique—We Think The Way You Use Young Living Products Should Be Too.

Have you had your DNA tested?

Yes! Can I use those results?!

If you have been tested through AncestryDNA, 23andMe, or MyHeritageDNA, you do not need to be tested again!

The Essential Genome Report is compatible with DNA sequencing data from all major DNA kit providers, such as those listed above.

For help retrieving your raw DNA file from your test provider, view our DNA File Help page.

If you were tested before 2015, we recommend being tested again to account for changes that have occurred in testing coverage.


EGR without DNA

The Essential Genome Report Is The Original Genetic Report Designed Exclusively for Young Living Customers.

What People are Saying

“Blown away!”

“Wow! I received my Report and was blown away by the detail and thought that went into it.

It was clear and precise. I can totally see how it will benefit my clients.”


“It really is that simple.”

There are a ton of gimmicky offers out there that purport they can help you figure out what your body needs.

But this is the first one that I’ve seen that is based on real genetic science.

The Essential Genome Report takes your DNA and tells you how you can take steps to improve your health. It really is that simple.

Lindsey Elmore, PharmD, BCPS

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