What do my raw scores mean?

Written by Jace Hirschi

29 August 2020

When you receive your Essential Genome Report, you receive a raw score for each of our 16 analyzed Wellness Systems.

The raw numerical score you receive for each system indicates the degree to which your specific set of genetic variations relating to that System may be affecting your wellness in the system. The scores are based on a scale that goes from 0 (meaning your genes are most adversely affecting your wellness) to 100 (your genes are providing great wellness benefits). Notably, in order to receive a score at or near 100, you’ll need to have a combination of few adverse genetic variations and some helpful genetic variations.Similarly, to receive a score at or near 0, you would need to have only adverse variations.

In reality, few people score either a 0 or a 100 in a particular area. Instead, each of us have some combination of detrimental and advantageous genes in each area.

Further, some gene variants are also more powerful than others, so the specific combination matters when determining your score.

We recommend using the raw scores as a way to compare the relative impacts across wellness areas. In this way, you can focus on the areas that are in the most need and that you can most likely provide the greatest degree of improvement. For example, if your raw Sleep score is 83 and your raw Immunity score is 47, we recommend focusing on Immunity ahead of sleep because you are more likely to be able to improve your Immunity through intervention.

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