The Essential Genome Co. Team

A geneticist, an engineer, a jack-of-all-trades, and three lawyers walk into a bar...

J. Paul Norton, PhD

In charge of science

Paul has the academic background you’d expect for our resident genetics guru—a degree in Mathematics & Statistics and a PhD from the University of Utah’s School of Medicine. While conducting genetics research related to urinary tract infections for his dissertation, Paul received a Genetics Training Grant from the National Institutes of Health and had additional funding provided by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Because that apparently wasn’t enough, Paul ended up going to law school after his PhD and has finally settled down in Utah with his wife and four kids.

He’s putting all of his academic training and practical experience in the world of genetics to work at The Essential Genome Co. to help you identify how your hardwired genetic code can tip the scales of wellness and impact your daily life. Working closely with his colleagues and wellness experts, Paul has helped pioneer The Essential Genome Co.’s patent pending method for using your unique DNA profile to unlock the personalized, targeted list of essential oils and supplements that will help you achieve balance on your path to sustainable wellness..

Logan Christenson

In charge of product

Every company needs a person that can be pulled in to crush whatever it is that needs to be done—a utility player. The Essential Genome Co. has a utility player, only ours is better than everybody else’s. We have Logan. Long days working on the farm forged in him an unfailing work ethic. And with a brain to match, he knocked out an advanced degree in biological engineering and a Juris Doctor degree from a top-ranked law school. No big deal.

We put this unique skill set to good use. He helps out with the science and with product development, but you’ll also find him dealing with all aspects of operations and with most of the legal mumbojumbo, as he is also head of our legal team. Thankfully (for us) he settled down in Utah with his wife and five kids.

Jace Hirschi

in charge of people

Jace is in charge of people, like us people. Come visit us and you’ll see why. As soon as you come in, you’re more likely to hear him than see him. He is incredibly charismatic and can’t really control the volume of his voice. Put these together, and naturally, people listen to him. We like to think the intuitive application of what he learned getting his degree in organizational psychology is what makes The Essential Genome Co. a great place to work.

When he’s not herding us cats back to the task at hand, you’ll find him in the trenches with the IT nerds (he’s got a degree in information technology and knows how to use it), tearing up the trails on his mountain bike, or chilling with his wife and son at home in Utah.